GK Media Blog and Updates

So, my website has been up for a while, but there have been some updates quietly happening in the background, including this recently added blog section. I plan on using this as a space to make follow-up posts about shoots, as well as an area to discuss photography, videography (including some tips and tutorials at some point) and general news. You’ll be able to filter topics with the tag words on the right hand side of the posts. As of today, I’m still booking a limited amount of spots for the 2016 wedding season and into 2017, so if you are currently looking for a photographer or videographer, I can be reached via the contact form on the site. I also create branding material, websites and promotional videos for businesses so feel free to reach out to me at any time regarding those services.

Since I’m doing a bit of catch-up with this first post, I’d like to share a recent interview I did with Hired by Passion, which is a podcast and community headed up by my friend Marcel Richard. Marcel is carving out his niche interviewing artists and other entrepreneurs who make a living from their passion, largely focusing on common stumbling blocks as well as the shift in mindset required to go from ‘9-5’ to doing your own thing. I’ve been following along and have definitely gained a lot of insight from the other interview subjects, and I think it will continue to get even bigger and better, so I would highly recommend giving it a listen.

During the first week of March, I took a trip to Varadero, Cuba (with an excursion to Havana) with some friends, and had a really great time. I just love the atmosphere and the energy there. The vintage cars and style, the old-school speakeasies, the dancing. Just a unique and fascinating place. I’ve uploaded a gallery of photos you can see right here

Something else I am extremely excited about is my return to Bangladesh in mid-December of this year to film another wedding video. My first visit there in late 2012 was an incredibly eye-opening and life-changing experience. It is definitely a place of extremes in terms of visuals, sounds, poverty, wealth, and population. There is nothing quite like placing yourself in the most unfamiliar of places to shake up your routine and force yourself to see things differently. As for their wedding traditions and ceremonies… they are an absolute spectacle to witness. I don’t think there could be many things more vibrant and beautiful. This time, I will be there for an entire month – twice as long as my first visit – and over Christmas Holidays and NYE. As it is such a vastly different place and culture, I will either feel like I’ve skipped over both or be too busy exploring different parts of the country to notice at all. You can see my wedding video from my first trip to Bangladesh below.

Mowreen & Fardin – Bangladeshi Wedding from Greg Knudson on Vimeo.